Who’s Anna

I love being on the move! As a translator, I have seen a lot of places and spent time in Ireland and California – where I found my love for Pilates and sports in general. Now I have brought that love of training back to Oberwil/ Basel.

I am a very open person, spontaneous and love the international flair of Basel and Switzerland. My everyday life is characterized by energy and motivation. As a mother of twins, I know what it means to find time for oneself.
However, we always have a choice.

– When are you ready to create something new?

Anna Ryf

Personal Trainer



As a matter of fact, a muscle will only get stronger through movement. Which in turn means, getting out of your comfort zone and into movement! Only then will we be able to achieve your goals…on more than one level: You will benefit from a balanced well-being for body, mind, fitness, muscular strength, endurance, mobility – simply: the joy of being in motion.

You will also benefit from more mental strength. I will challenge you, without overstraining you – no matter where we meet: at your house, at your office, in a park or any other place you choose.

By the way, you can bring along your dog!

As a dog owner and -lover myself, I will welcome you both. During the workout, I will be right by your side and will motivate you accordingly. I guarantee you: we will have fun! Let’s start this process together!

The most important key to a successful training is the chemistry between us. I am looking forward to getting to know you!



Become your strongest self!

I will support you with enthusiasm and motivation. My training sessions are characterized by a well-structured plan that is based on your personal needs as well as close monitoring. Our workouts can include functional training, Pilates, fascia training, mobility, strength and endurance – in & outdoors.

Call me for more information!

Functional Training

This type of training is a very comprehensive training method. It is relevant for all movements done in everyday life and includes many different possibilities of training. It comprises of complex ways of motion, which will affect several joints and muscle groups. Basically, we will train different movements of the body instead of one individual muscle.


Pilates has positive effects on your body posture, muscle tone, balance and mobility. The focus lies on breathing, centering and activating the so-called “power house” – meaning the deep core muscles, your back muscles and your pelvic floor. I simply love it and… amongst many other workshops, I participated in one held by Lolita San Miguel, a student of Joseph Pilates himself.

Cardio training

There are many ways to train your endurance – together we will find what suits you best. You can benefit from weight loss, improved mood, increased capability to relax, higher stress tolerance and overall feeling of wellbeing.


No matter if we use small equipment or your own bodyweight – according to your individual goals, we will change your body’s tonicity step by step. We can increase strength and build up muscles. You can also benefit from strength training after an injury, accident or disease. Let’s talk about it


Fascia Training means training the connective tissue – it is a method of stretching and reviving your vitality. The goal always being to loosen tight structures. Moreover, this type of training will raise your awareness of your body and will increase the characteristics of the connective tissue; an essential requirement for making use of your body in the most efficient way in the first place. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to include fascia training into your workout!


Mobility training can vary a lot. In general, and to give you an overview, we can split it into two groups: dynamic and static stretching.  Stretching is the key and aims at increasing your active range of motion. By stretching and mobilizing on a regular basis, we can achieve your personal goals – of course whilst always taking your individual strengths and weaknesses into consideration.

How it works


Step ONE

We meet to get to know each other and talk about your personal needs, goals, wishes, time management and discuss our strategy.

Step TWO

During a second meeting, we will discuss your overall status of health in depth.


Let’s go! The first training session usually takes place after we discussed your overall health.
Let's go !

What they’ve said about me

Some words from my customers

Diana Bage 58

“Anna is a fantastic personal trainer. She is a true professional, down to earth, kind, great fun and invests time and thought into making each workout enjoyable and challenging enough to make a difference, but without discomfort. HIGHLY recommend.”

Will S. age 33

“Anna has really helped me become more aware when I exercise. Working together, I'm now much happier with my body shape as well as the way I carry myself, in exercise as well as everyday life. Highly recommend!”

Caroline A.age 34

“Anna is PO-SI-TIVE - and she energizes for two!
I found in her a trustful and intuitive person. She is genuine and non-judgmental. She also provides a safe place to work where I can progress efficiently. After 2 months, I can already see the difference and am able to do things I was not able to do before. I enjoy every session with Anna - with realistic objectives. She perfectly balances the different sessions to make them different and entertaining. ”

Andi L. & Gisela W.age 56 & age 54

“Choosing Anna as our personal trainer was one of the best things we have ever done. We have been training with Anna for around 6 months and believe she is one of the most experienced and committed trainers around. Anna is focused on helping us achieve our goals. We enjoy the variety and challenge she put into the personal one-on-two sessions. very motivating and encouraging. We definitely recommend Anna to anyone looking for a great qualified personal training.”


Contact me for any further information or directly setting up our first get-together.


Personal Trainer

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City : Basel  Switzerland